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Commitment to Sustainability 

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In 2013 Moxi Hair Salon was opened to be a more sustainable, eco-friendly, and cruelty-free option for the Erie area.  The beauty industry contributes nearly 900 pounds of waste to landfills every single MINUTE.  Over the past decade Moxi has taken many steps to reduce our carbon footprint and reduce waste.  Here are some steps we have taken:



Commitment to Cruelty-Free and more Natural products 

All of our retail, professional, and cleaning products are cruelty-free and non-toxic.  


Sustainable Packaging

Recyclable and reusable retail product packaging.  We sell retail products in either post-consumer recycled plastics and metals, or glass and always sent home in a recycled (reusable) paper bag.  We also only use "green receipts" for all transactions.


Reducing Salon Waste

Reusable foam foils for highlighting (can be washed and reused hundreds of times, in comparison to single-use aluminum foil).  Accurately weighing all chemicals used for services to reduce wasted product. 


Becoming A Waste Warrior

We are a certified Green Circle Salon (a BCorp business).  We collect more than 95% of our salon waste to be recycled or repurposed.  We collect metal hair color tubes and styling product containers,  plastic hair color bottles, styling products, and any recyclable plastics as well as all paper products.  Our excess chemicals (color, lightener, shampoo etc) is collected and taken to a facility in Illinois where it is incinerated and turned into electricity.  We also collect hair that is used to make a new type of plastic polymer and oil spill mats.  We also collect other single use items such as plastic processing caps, wax strips, cotton balls etc to be converted to electricity and the left over ash is used as filler for asphalt.  


With the purchase of our west 8th street location, Sara designed the space to be as energy efficient as possible.  The building is double insulated with updated windows and doors.  A new high efficiency HVAC system was installed along with a Smart thermostat.  All light fixtures were replaced with long lasting efficient LED bulbs.  Later with the second location at West 38th street, the lightening and HVAC systems were also updated and both locations have ECOHEAD attachments on the shampoo sinks which clean and pressurize the tap water to reduce usage.  We are hoping to install solar panels and an electric car charging station soon!


Certified Carbon Neutral Salon

Erie Carbon Neutral
Carbon Neutral Hair Salon Erie PA

Let’s Work Together

Bring you empty hair care products in to be recycled and recieve 10% off your next take home product purchase! 

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