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Grow with us.

Moxi Hair Salon west 8th

Our Mission

Our mission is to grow and cultivate stylists and support staff to have fulfilling careers and financially secure futures by developing and implementing systems to protect and promote our employees.

Our Culture

At Moxi we truly value our careers and take them seriously.  We put forth effort to grow ourselves not only professionally but also personally. We strive to have a great work/life balance by implementing systems and structures to eliminate overworking and burnout. Our culture is inclusive and we have a zero tolerance policy against bullying and toxic behavior. 

What We Offer

Unlimited education opportunities, paid time off, supportive environment, salon specific software, updated technology, attainable and accessible career paths and promotions, Upscale pricing in a laid back atmosphere.  

Our Core Values


We give exceptional and attentive service to our guests.  We are supportive and respectful to our coworkers.  We care about our community and environment.



We take ownership of ourselves.  We are self aware and responsible for our actions.  We are mindful and learn from our mistakes so we can stay open-minded and coachable. 



We are fun but take our work seriously.  We show up on time for our team and guests.  We seek opportunities to grow within ourselves and profession.  We communicate our needs and ask for help when needed.



We realize no one can be just like us.  We appreciate diversity.  We are true to ourselves and embrace our uniqueness. 



We are aware of our own privileges and work to bring equality, love, and respect to our coworkers, guests, and community.  We strive to reduce our carbon footprint by embracing and implementing sustainable business practices.  



We strive to have a solid work/life balance so we can show up for our commitments in and outside of the salon to our fullest potential.  

Ready to take your career to the next level?  

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