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Do I need a consultation before scheduling?

We highly recommend scheduling a consultation before a color transformation appointment. This will ensure you have an accurate idea of the process and investment for your desired look.  Consultations are required for all extension appointments.  

Are your products vegan?

All of our take home products are vegan, and we do offer many vegan color options.  If you require vegan products to be used, inform us and we can totally accommodate and give you options.  

Are your products tested on animals?

No.  All of our products (color, styling, cleaning supplies, etc) are not tested on animals.

Why do I need to have a credit card on file for my appointment?

We have a no show/late cancellation policy. Being a service based business, our employees depend on providing services for a major portion of their income.  When a client schedules an appointment that they do not show up for, the stylist is left with a chunk of time in their schedule that they are unable to generate income.  

Are you accepting of the LGBTQ+ community?

Absolutely!  We work hard to be a safer space for our community, and we do not tolerate any type discrimination or hate.  

Are you handicap accessible?

Yes! Our 38th street is completely handicap accessible.  We have a large concrete parking lot, ramp, wide doorways, and a wheelchair accessible shampoo sink.

What forms a payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, and cash.  We do not accept checks.

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