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Moxi Team

Find your perfect match.

Sara McMillan

Sara McMillan (she/her) 

Salon Owner & Creative Director

Life long environmentalist and animal activist.  Loves warm weather, reading, sitting in sunshine, plants, animals, traveling, kayaking and bike riding.  Loves creating beautiful and sustainable spaces to live and work. 

Sun Sign: Virgo

Gabrielle Wilczynski

Gabby Wilczynski (she/her)

Guest Experience Expert

Fun facts: Mother of Rigatoni (see below), glass half full mindset and full of posotivity, Loves fashion and creating unique outfits and personal hairstyles, loves shopping not only for herself but for others

Sun Sign: Gemini

Paige Dudenhoefer Dawdy

Paige Dawdy (she/her)

Level 4 

W. 8th St Location

Services: Blondes, Balayage, Highlights, Lived - In Blonde, Reverse balayage 

Fun Facts: Loves gardening and growing flowers, Passionate about sustainable and organic gardening practices and environmental impacts on our health. Fav Food- Potatoes in all forms.  

Sun Sign: Aries

Tiff Donor

Tiff Donor (she/her)

Level 4

W. 38th and W. 8th St Locations

Services: Loves everything from Perms to Pixie cuts.  Extensions, Gray coverage, natural and vivid colors, highlights, all haircuts. 

Fun Facts: Competitive Powerlifter, Passionate about animal rescue and rehabilitation.  Has lots of dogs and cats (some forever some foster). Can't live without PB & Chocolate

Sun Sign: Capricorn

Megan Davison

Meg Davison (she/her)

Level 4

W. 8th St Location

Services: Vivid & Rainbow hair, Highlights, Redheads, Natural Grey

Fun Facts: Mother of two, Loves Pokemon and Anime, passionate about education (teaching and being a student), Triple Aquarius

Sun Sign: Aquarius

Ruby Hughes

Ruby Hughes (she/they)

Level 2

Services: Specialized haircuts (shags, mullets, textured, clipper), vivid and natural hair color

W. 38th St Location

Fun Facts: Loves Paramore and musicals, thrifting, vegan baking, & cold weather

Sun Sign: Leo 

Mal Carson

Malcolm Carson (he/him/they)

Level 2

W. 38th St Location

Services: Textured hair, curls, Mullets, Vivids, Short hair, Gender Affirming Haircuts, natural color

Fun Facts: loves collaging, clowns, can fit 10 quarters in his belly button (approx. 20 dimes!)

Sun Sign: Cancer

Linsey Afton

Linsey Afton (she/her)

Level 1 

Services: Haircutting, clipper cuts, traditional foil highlights, vivid and natural colors

W. 38th St Location

Fun Facts: Loves reading & movies, collecting books, movies, and figurines.  Also loves traveling, lego, coffee, and cats

Sun Sign: Sagittarius 

Megan Donlin

Megan Donlin (she/her)

Level 2

8th St Location

Services: Long Hair, Highlights, all blondes,  Natural Hair Color, some haircutting 

Fun Facts: Has a cat named Tito, enjoys bike riding and book reading

Sun Sign: Gemini

Rachel Dunmire

Rachel Dunmire (She/Her)

Level 1

W. 38th St Location

Services: Pretty much everything. Blondes, Vivids, Natural color, clipper cuts, long haircuts

Fun Facts: Has a ball python named Morty, Loves everything peach, loves to write, creatively and poetry, and antiquing. 

Sun Sign: Sagittarius 



Rigatoni Wilczysnki (she/her)

Level 10 Good Girl

Guest Greeter

Treat Eater

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