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Blonde Services Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the different between all the blonding services? 

A: Let us explain with pictures...

Foil Highlights

These are your traditional highlights that go right up to the scalp.  We weave a section of hair to create fine sections of light next to a fine section of the darker hair left out.  This processes in foils or foam meches and can be a thick or as thin as the client wants.  This technique is typically used to get the brightest blonde to a subtle Carmel and everything in-between.

 Partial vs. Full highlight

Full Highlight service is foils from the bottom of the hairline at the nape of the neck all the way up to the front hairline at the forehead.  This technique achieves the most color.

Partial highlights focus on the top section of the head, above the ears and leaving out the bottom section of the head for of a light on top / dark underneath effect. 

Maintenance: Typically 6-8 weeks


This is an example of a full foil highlight to achieve a lighter blonde color.

Balayage (Bah-lay-age)

Balayage is French for sweeping.  For this technique the stylist will gently paint the lighter on the top of the hair in each section creating soft diffused highlights that give a very natural sun kissed look.  This technique is very diverse and can be used to create many different looks.  Balayage is especially ideal for clients who only want their hair lightened a few times a year and prefer the "lived in" look.   

Maintenance: depending on the desired look, 6 weeks - 6 months 


This is an example of a darker base with lighter balayage highlights.  There a many different looks that can be achieved with this technique.  

All Over Lightener / Lightener Touch Up
This service is for clients who want an all over bright blonde without any dimension or lowlights.  This process may take a few sessions to get to the all over bright blonde.  After all the hair is lightened to the desired shade, the new growth is the only hair that needs lightened to maintain the look.  
Maintenance: every 4-6 weeks

This is an example of an all over lightener technique.  This client comes in for a new growth lightener touch up and toner every 5 weeks.

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