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About The Salon

Founded in 2013, Moxi Hair Salon is an eco-conscious, sustainable, cruelty-free, inclusive salon created by Sara McMillan Guerrein.  After being in the industry for six years, Sara wanted to branch out on her own to create a space that not only was healthier for her and her clients, but also for the environment and all it's creatures.  Moxi Hair Salon has been completely Cruelty-Free from its start.  No products used in the salon (even the cleaning products) have been tested on animals.  Many services and retail products are vegan.


In 2016 Moxi Hair Salon committed to Gender Neutral Pricing for all services. All services are based on the amount of product and time required to complete the service instead of typical gendered pricing (men's cut/women's cut).  Moxi has made strides to be an ally to the LGBTQ2S+ community, cultivating a welcoming environment for everyone.  In 2022 we became a Dress Code Project member salon.

In 2018 Moxi Hair Salon became a Certified Green Circle Salon.  Moxi diverts 95% of the waste created in the salon.  Everything from hair clippings, to color tubes, and wax strips get shipped to a processing facility in Chicago to be recycled or used to create green energy.  Green Circle Salons keep nearly 2 million pounds of waste out of landfills a year.


In 2022 the second Moxi Hair Salon location opened in the western City of Erie.    Offering all the same values and quality in another convenient location to serve our community.  

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